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Advancing progress on cultivated meat & seafood


Cellular agriculture products (such as cultivated meat & seafood) have garnered increased attention from policymakers across the globe as an emerging food technology can deliver a steady supply of protein without the environmental and ethical concerns associated with conventional meat production.


To effectively bring cellular agriculture products to the market, the U.S. based Association for Meat, Poultry and Seafood Innovation, Cellular Agriculture Europe, and the APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture have come together as a tripartite alliance to identify regional synergies, advocate for regulatory harmonisation, and communicate accurate information about the potential of cellular agriculture.

Collectively represent over thirty leading industry pioneers in the cellular agriculture space, our associations share the vision of – and work towards – a sustainable and food secure future on a global scale. 

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Sandhya Sriram, President of Asia-Pacific Society for Cellular Agriculture

"Working in synergy together as a global alliance has been pivotal in elevating the sector to the next level in terms of policy, growth, and industry-wide maturity. The Asia-Pacific Society for Cellular Agriculture is elated to co-host this important programme together with our counterparts in the US and EU – to highlight the importance of protein diversification in general and its relevance to Cellular Agriculture."



Identifying opportunities for cross-border information sharing on best practices and transparency.

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Regulatory Coordination

Advocacy for the development of consistent, science-based regulatory frameworks and standards for cellular agriculture products that create safe, fair, and transparent pathways to market. 

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The facilitation of joint communication on global issues and public policymatters.

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